The Most Profitable Fundraisers for Nonprofits

One of the Most Profitable Fundraisers for Nonprofits

At the Overland Park Convention Center, we’re no stranger to hosting nonprofit events. We’ve hosted countless fundraisers, and we always enjoy it.

We love giving back to the community whenever we can, and we like to help other people do the same. But how do you get the most out of your fundraiser?

If you’re going to take the time to organize a fundraiser, decorate the venue, and invite all of your guests, then you want to make sure that it’s worth the time. Because we’ve hosted so many different events, we have an idea of the most profitable fundraisers for nonprofits. 

Variety Show

Any time you plan a fundraiser, it’s important to consider the perspective of your attendees. You’re not just trying to raise money for your organization, you’re trying to facilitate an exciting event for your guests. One type of fundraiser that we’ve hosted in the past is a variety show.

A variety show is a great way to include a number of different talented performers and entertainers.

If you want to attract as many people as possible, then a variety show is a fantastic idea. It allows you to appeal to a wider variety of attendees, which means more people there to donate to your cause.


An excellent way you can attract people to your fundraiser is by organizing an exciting keynote speaker.

One of the biggest challenges in organizing any event, whether it be a fundraiser or a social affair, is getting people to take time out of their busy schedules to attend. People are always excited to hear from a noteworthy keynote speaker.

Another example of the Most Profitable Fundraisers for Nonprofits

Do your best to find a speaker who is not only interesting, but who relates to your cause. If an authority figure in your field or industry is speaking at your fundraiser, then your guests will be more likely to make a donation.


Another one of the most profitable fundraisers for nonprofits is a gala. A gala is a classy—often black-tie—event. There’s dinner and usually some kind of performance. The specifics of this performance are up to you, but make sure it’s something exciting.

People like wearing formal attire and socializing with their fellow community members, and a gala is the perfect chance to do this.

A gala event is meant to be elegant, so if you take any shortcuts, it will greatly impact the overall atmosphere. But when everything goes well, a gala is a great way to attract donations for your cause.

Get Started

If you’re hoping to plan the most profitable fundraisers for nonprofits, then our team at OPCC is ready to help. We have the resources you need to take your event to the next level.

Already have the beginnings of an idea? Then you should check out our event planning tool. We wanted to make the OPCC experience as convenient as possible, so we developed this online application to streamline the planning process.

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