Gala Themes for Nonprofits at Overland Park Convention Center!

A man is dressed according to the Gala Themes for Nonprofits

At the Overland Park Convention Center, we host a lot of different nonprofit events, but galas are some of our favorites.

There’s something very special about a night out. A gala can give your guests the opportunity to socialize over food and drink—maybe even while watching a show.

Of course, the real goal of any fundraising gala is to help a worthy cause. But how can you ensure your gala is going to be a success? By choosing the right gala themes for nonprofits, you can generate excitement among people from all over your area to attend your event.

We want your gala to be the event of the season, so we’re going to offer our expert advice on what theme you should choose. The right theme can make or break a gala—make sure you pick the right one.

Make Your Theme Relevant

Gala themes for nonprofits should never be confusing. You need to make sure the theme of your night is instantly recognizable and understandable. It’s always a good idea to use a topic that is relevant to your specific organization or cause.

For instance, let’s say that your organization is trying to raise funds to supply local children with gifts on Christmas. Then it could be a good idea to throw a holiday-themed party.

One of the Gala Themes for Nonprofits

Or maybe your cause is environmental—why not hold a nature-themed event? When people understand the association between your cause and your theme, they will become more excited about both.

Broad Appeal

While you’ll certainly be tempted to create a theme that will stand out, be sure that it’s not too out there. There’s a fine line between fun and eccentric! If you want your guests to dress up, think of a theme that won’t make them feel uncomfortable .

A theme like “masquerade” or “old Hollywood” will provide your guests with a number of different ideas. Better still, the costumes associated with this theme will help your attendees feel classy and elegant, not silly.

An overly specific theme like “Unknown Roman Leaders” or “Sunken Pirate Ship” could  make guests feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about participating.

Stick to the Classics

With hundreds of thousands of people in Overland Park alone, you’ll never appeal to everyone, but there are a few gala themes for nonprofits that never fail.

For instance, “black tie” is a theme that requires no explanation. In many cases, guests will already have outfits that will fit this theme.

You can even go a little more jovial with themes like “Great Gatsby” or “luxury casino.”

These themes require guests to come up with a creative costume idea, but it doesn’t leave them feeling like they’re the butt of the joke. Above all, you want the guests at your gala to feel comfortable and excited about the theme.

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