Meeting Rooms for Your Next Conference

A meeting is only as good as its people and its venue. As you’re practicing your next big presentation, putting together a powerpoint, memorizing statistics, and building your itinerary, don’t forget to put some thought into where exactly this meeting will take place. 

If you’re having a client in from out of town, your regular spot may not cut it. A business conference should take place at a venue that will impress your partners and clients alike.

The Overland Park Convention Center is a top-rated convention center in the United States—not just for the space itself, but for the high-level service provided by our staff. 

In fact, we’ve been
recognized by the city of Overland Park for our achievements in the convention center industry, so we hope you’ll consider us when planning your event.

Rooms of All Sizes

We have meeting rooms for many different events. Meetings can be big or small, and it’s important that you pick a space that’s a suitable size for you and your group.

Courtyard Rooms

Our Courtyard Rooms can serve many different purposes. They’re perfect for a range of activities, like seminars, conferences, and instructional sessions. They’re a great size for smaller groups, with enough room for your partners and clients to feel comfortable, but not so large that a smaller group will feel lost in all the space.


Our ballrooms are excellent for larger groups. When you’re hosting a conference or an event with a popular guest speaker, you want to make sure that everyone in attendance is comfortable. Our ballrooms are expansive, but we include a comprehensive sound system so everyone can hear what your speaker has to say.

Outdoor Spaces

Who says meetings have to take place inside? Kansas City has its fair share of gorgeous weather every year, so consider taking advantage! Our Outdoor Courtyard has a perfect, relaxing atmosphere for your next important client meeting, so feel free to bask in the sun during your next presentation.

Exhibition Halls

Worried about finding enough space for a larger event? Worry no longer. Exhibition halls are our largest spaces, and they can handle a crowd. This space features enough room for a trade show or a lively conference.

Our Team

Not sure where to start when planning your business conference? You’re not alone. We have a team of dedicated, professionally trained event planners who are perfect for ironing out the fine details of your conference. Together, you and our team can discuss the perfect strategy for an effective and memorable meeting.

Referral Plan

We want to help everyone coordinate their dream event, so if you know anyone who’s looking for a venue with meeting rooms that can suit their business needs, let us know. We have a referral plan that can provide you up to 10% of an event’s total profits.

When you refer us for an event and we agree to host, we’ll send you a check with your percentage of the profits. All you have to do is contact us. Reach out to us with an email or phone call, and we can get started on our event plan.

Contact Us Today

The Overland Park Convention Center has a whole host of meeting rooms that will be the perfect venue for your next business conference. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small group looking for an intimate meeting room or a large business in need of a banquet hall. We strive to handle events of any size.

And if you’re aware of someone else who needs a venue, reach out to us, and we can help them plan the perfect event. You could see some benefits yourself! For more information about our referral plan, you can check out our guide. To find a venue for your business needs, visit our contact page.

Reach out to us today!