“Do I need event security services?” FAQs About Security at OPCC

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Overland Park Convention Center is a premier venue for events in the Kansas City and Overland Park areas. We host meetings, parties, and a variety of different events..

But as you consider venues for your next event, you should be aware of the benefits that a qualified security team can provide. 

If you have any questions about our event security services, read on and see how we work to optimize conference security at OPCC.

What is your exit plan?

A disaster, like a fire, can happen anywhere at any time. Fortunately, our staff members have been trained on how to most effectively evacuate the building so we can ensure the safety of our guests. 

We undergo monthly safety training and planning, in case we need to exit the building as the result of an unforeseen security risk. Our staff members are always prepared to keep guests safe in the event of a disaster.

How do you evaluate your security?

You want assurance that we’re professionally trained and evaluated to keep everyone under our roof safe. This is why we reached out to Prevent Advisors for their industry-leading advice.

Prevent Advisors are a professional security consulting firm. Their team is composed of counterterrorism experts and acclaimed venue operators, so they can predict and mitigate security risks before they ever occur.

Prevent Advisors has built their business on training event venues just like ours on how to strengthen their security measures.

Our event security services were excellent before Prevent Advisors arrived, but now they’re even better. Prevent Advisors tested OPCC’s onsite security protocols, offering personalized recommendations to make our building safer. 

Prevent Advisors understands what may cause common security risks, and they provide practical recommendations to make our center more secure than ever. These insights are invaluable for keeping our guests safe during their events.

Is your website secure?

We’re always on the lookout for in-person security threats in the form of intruders or safety hazards, but we also need to protect our online information from hackers looking to steal valuable information.

A website with no security makes it easy for hackers to phish sensitive data. So we teamed up with CISA, or the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, to get a professional web safety evaluation.

CISA performs a weekly Cyber Hygiene Scan of our site’s IP address to find vulnerabilities. It’s important that our online security presence evolves, so we can maintain a defense against hackers’ advanced methods.

Their strategies are always changing, but with the help of CISA, we can stay ahead of online threats.

Can anyone request extra security?

We always provide extra security for events of a certain size. As events grow larger, it’s vital that we increase security measures. We never want to be caught unaware, so as your guest list grows, we provide additional security—including OPCC’s onsite EMTs—to keep everyone safe.

A busy event protected by event security services

But you don’t need to have a large event to receive more security. We work with NPB Companies, a third party security company. NPB is an acclaimed event security service.

If you’re interested in additional personnel for event set-up or VIP escorts, NPB can provide the right team to offer you peace of mind.

We can also staff your event with plainclothes Overland Park Police Officers for an additional fee. These officers will be on the lookout for any potential security risks, so you can enjoy your event without worry.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, just let us know if you think your event could benefit from additional security services, and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

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