Choosing the Best Corporate Event Venue

Choosing the Best Corporate Event Venue

When you picture a successful event, what do you think of first? Great food, excellent service, organized and disciplined staff? The key to finding all of that, and more, is to first find the best corporate event venue for your needs. Finding the perfect space for your next event used to take as much work as the event itself. But not anymore. Overland Park Convention Center makes it easy and convenient to host a pain-free corporate event.


Cerner’s hosts their annual DevCon technology event at corporate event venue, Overland Park Convention Center.

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Knowing the style and atmosphere you want and need for your next corporate event will help you select the perfect venue for your needs. Here are a few examples of corporate event venue room types you should keep an eye out for during your search.

Ballrooms are ideal for consumer shows, galas, corporate meetings and more. Finding a space with high ceilings and customizable floor plans are excellent features to put on your wishlist to create an immersive experience for your guests.

Exhibition Halls
Exhibit halls can be used for consumer or trade shows, and can also be transformed into a celebratory setting for larger crowds.

Outdoor Courtyard
Adding green space to your corporate event is an easy way to provide your guests with a modern, relaxing space to network and mingle before, during, and after your corporate event.

Courtyard Rooms
Want the perks of courtyard space with the flexibility your event needs to accommodate your guests? Courtyard event spaces, perfect for luncheons and meetings allow for the versatility of an intimate gathering or open up the walls to entertain larger groups.

What should you look for in your next corporate event venue? Fun! Look no further than the Overland Park Convention Center’s recently updated outdoor courtyard.


Why is Overland Park Convention Center the best corporate event venue in Kansas City?

If you’re looking for a better corporate event venue in Kansas City, look no further than Overland Park Convention Center. We have vast experience with accommodating a variety of organizations, providing a polished and professional atmosphere for our guests; planners, exhibitors and attendees alike trust the Overland Park Convention Center to provide a corporate event venue fit for their every need.

Unparalleled Amenities
Overland Park Convention Center’s flexible, customizable design spaces are available for a group or event of any size. In the past, we’ve developed a wide variety of immersive materials and settings for meetings, banquets, expos, conventions, and more. From hotel rooms and parking, to free wi-fi and beyond, our corporate event venue is sure to fit the needs of your business.

Planners can see the full list of amenities and offerings by visiting our planning page.

Expert Event Staff
Regardless of the challenges you face when planning your corporate event, Overland Park Convention Center’s expert, certified event staff has your back. We help create authentic experiences, so your guests feel both comfortable and inspired in an accommodating and friendly atmosphere.

Thriving, Friendly Community
Overland Park Convention Center, the best corporate event venue in town, is located in the suburb of Kansas City. Our community offers an unmatched variety of activities and restaurants, while only being a short drive from downtown KC. Our guests rave about the convenience of our location.


Choose a corporate event venue near the action! Crowd favorite Topgolf is located less than a mile from the Overland Park Convention Center.


Curate your experience.

The best kind of venue is one that allows your event to speak for itself. Overland Park Convention Center is a modern, unconventional corporate event venue in Kansas City fit for any occasion. Contact us today to get to know our team, our space, and the incredible atmosphere of success we cultivate at our corporate event venue.

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