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Best Small Convention Center in North America

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Overland Park Convention Center named Best Small Convention Center in North America

Overland Park, Kan.—The Overland Park Convention Center has been named Best Small Convention Center in North America by EXHIBITOR Magazine, a leading industry publication honoring the best in event venues. This is the third year Overland Park Convention Center has won in EXHIBITOR’s special awards category since the awards inception three years ago.

Convention centers throughout North America were considered and evaluated using an objective algorithm and rigorous grading scale. After a survey of past clients as well as exhibit and event managers who have exhibited at or hosted events at each of the top three finalist venues, Overland Park Convention Center was selected.

The recognition also considers criteria categorized into five primary areas:

• Facility & Functionality
• Location & Accommodations
• Service & Execution
• Expansions & Upgrades
• Awards & Industry Participation

“This facility has proven their ability to host trade shows and events of all shapes and sizes while providing world-class service and state-of-the-art accommodations,” said Travis Stanton, editor of EXHIBITOR Magazine, noting that everything from the number of nearby hotel rooms to the cost and quality of Wi-Fi access can have a significant impact on exhibiting companies’ experience at events.

In addition to this special recognition, Overland Park is consistently ranked on North America’s Top 30 Convention Centers list released by EXHIBITOR annually. The venue was also awarded Best Customer Service & On-Site Support in North America in 2021 and Best Small Convention Center in North America in 2020.

“The challenges continued in the hospitality industry this year as we begin to rebuild,” said Brett C. Mitchell, general manager of Overland Park Convention Center. “This success is attributed to our incredible team, their empathy, passion and work ethic endure no matter what obstacles come their way. It’s been a daily adjustment amid the ever-changing circumstances but they’ve never lost focus on serving others. They are truly amazing.”

For more information on the Overland Park Convention Center’s award recognition, please visit or call (913) 339-3000. To learn more about EXHIBITOR, visit


About Overland Park Convention Center

The award-winning Overland Park Convention Center opened in November of 2002 on a 26-acre site in the heart of Overland Park, the largest suburban city in the Kansas City metropolitan and the second largest city in Kansas.  Adorned with over sixty original works of are and equipped with state-of-the-art communications systems, the 245,000 square floor complex features a 60,000 sq. ft. exhibit hall that connects to the 25,000 sq. ft. Edwin C. Eilert Ballroom and 15,000 sq. ft. of meeting room space. Natural light radiates throughout the unusually spacious (44,000 sq. ft.) pre-function and registration areas. Among the convention centers many awards, the most recent include: 2022 Best Small Convention Center in North America, 2022 – 2020 North America’s Top Convention Centers, EXHIBITOR Magazine; 2021 Best Customer Service and On-Site Support in North America, EXHIBITOR Magazine; 2020 Best Small Convention Center in North America, EXHIBITOR Magazine; 2019 Best Convention Centers in North America, Business View Magazine; 2021 – 2002 Best Meeting & Conference Facility, Ingram’s Magazine; 2021 – 2018 Prime Site Award, Facilities & Destinations Magazine


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