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Best Event Venue in Kansas City

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Best Event Venue in Kansas City

So you’re in charge of planning an event in Kansas City? Whether it’s your first time or your hundredth, event planning can be an exhaustive process–especially if you’re trying to find the best event venue in Kansas City. To help your endeavor go off without a hitch, Overland Park Convention Center is here to provide tips and guidance on where to start.

One of the first steps you can take to work toward finding the best event venue in Kansas City is to define your target audience, dates, budget, and desired features. Intentionally make a list of these requirements and you’ll be well on your way to comparing the venues available to you and determine which one will best fit your needs. Here are some additional questions you should ask yourself to aid in your search for the best event venue in Kansas City.

What’s my occasion?
What kind of occasion am I hosting? While this may sound fruitless, taking some time to focus on the type of occasion you’re setting out to execute will help you better understand the kind of services, amenities and locations your audience will expect.

Who are my attendees?
What is my target audience for this event? How do I reach them? In what kind of marketing efforts will I need to invest to achieve this goal? Can my audience afford the type of venue I am providing? Getting to know your target audience, customers or attendees well will only help you plan a more successful event and find the best event venue in Kansas City.

What location should I choose?
Set your expectations for the kind of location you want for your event. There are many factors that influence the location of the best venue for your needs, including proximity to airports, restaurants, outdoor spaces, activities, and more.

Once you’ve got a firm grasp on these kinds of preliminary questions, it’s time to determine the best event venue for what you want and need.

Why is Overland Park Convention Center the best event venue in Kansas City?

If you’re looking for the best event venue in Kansas City, look no further than Overland Park Convention Center. We have vast experience with accommodating a variety of organizations, corporations, individual groups, and more, providing a polished and professional atmosphere for our guests.

Unparalleled Amenities
Overland Park Convention Center provides both outdoor and indoor spaces, including ballrooms, exhibit halls, courtyard rooms and more. Our event venue features everything our guests need for a pleasant, comfortable stay in Kansas City.

  • 1000+ parking spaces available
  • Attached hotel
  • Over 1,000 hotel rooms within walking distance
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Catering on-site
  • Event planning services available
  • And more

Expert Event Staff
No matter the occasion–weddings, conventions, conferences, and beyond–Overland Park Convention Center’s expert, certified event staff has your back. We help create authentic experiences, so your guests feel both comfortable and inspired in an accommodating and friendly atmosphere. In the past, we’ve developed a wide variety of immersive materials and settings for:

  • Weddings
  • Galas
  • Trade Shows
  • Expos
  • Consumer Shows
  • Conferences
  • And more

Thriving, Friendly Community
Overland Park Convention Center, the best event venue in town, is located in the suburb of Kansas City. Our community offers an unmatched variety of activities and restaurants, while only being a short drive from downtown KC. Our guests rave about the convenience of our location.

Curate your experience.

For every need, from certified event experts, Overland Park Convention Center is anything but conventional. We’re Kansas City’s go-to event venue for every occasion. Contact us today to get to know our team, our space, and the incredible atmosphere of support and success we cultivate at the best event venue in Kansas City.


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