Your Perfect Indian Wedding Event Space in Kansas City

An Indian wedding is special. It’s a days-long ceremony celebrating the love of two people and their bond.

And while you have plenty of considerations to make while planning your wedding, a venue is one of the most important. You want to find an Indian wedding event space in Kansas City that can accommodate your event’s unique needs and anticipate your questions and concerns.

Where to Stay

A lot can happen during a week-long event, so we find it’s a good idea to keep your guests close.

We’re connected to a Sheraton Hotel, so guests from far and wide have options to stay nearby. You won’t have to worry about taxis or Ubers—your guests can simply walk to their room as soon as that day’s festivities are complete!

Room for Everyone

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your entire life, so if you want to invite lots of people, we totally understand. They should be there for your celebration! We have more than one Indian wedding event space in Kansas City capable of holding large crowds.


Our Ballroom and Exhibition Halls are our largest spaces, each of them tens of thousands of square feet. So don’t skimp on your guest list out of fear of tight spaces and claustrophobic seating arrangements. You should have more than enough space to fit all your loved ones.

If you were looking for a smaller area to hold the Sangeet ceremony, we have several Courtyard Rooms that will be a perfect size for your close friends and family.


But maybe your dream wedding doesn’t take place in a ballroom. Maybe you wanted to say your vows in the sunshine. If you were hoping for an outdoor wedding, that’s great, because we can help with that too.

Outdoor Courtyard is a gorgeous area filled with finely manicured greenery. We can set up your ceremony here, so you can get married to your partner where you’d always dreamed.

Feeling Hungry?

In any wedding, food is a major consideration. Many organizers of Indian weddings will opt for a buffet. While OPCC does not cook Indian cuisine in-house, we understand how important traditional cuisine is for any Indian wedding. That’s why we’ve developed a custom Indian wedding package.

We will provide essential dishware, like glasses, plates, and utensils. We will also set up and break down the buffet ourselves. Thirsty? We have lots of different drink options available, including tea, soda, and coffee. We’ll even provide a champagne toast for the bride and groom! This is a celebration after all, and we want to extend our congratulations.

Get an Estimate Today!

We know you’re thrilled about your wedding, and if you’re like us, you can’t wait to map out every detail. We organize all kinds of events, so we know the value of a good plan.

Wondering about pricing options? With our event estimate tool, we can give you a tentative price for your wedding ceremony. Just open our free-to-use tool and answer a few questions about your event size and some basic considerations.

Not totally sure about some of the answers? That’s okay; we’re not locking you into anything. This is just a convenient way to get a jump on your budget.

There are few events more magical than your wedding, and we’d love to help you bring yours to life with our wonderful Indian wedding event space in Kansas City.

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