When did you start at the Overland Park Convention Center (OPCC)?

January 2023

Describe your role at OPCC.

I direct month-end general ledger journal entries, reconcile bank accounts, collect and deposit event payments, and process numerous journal entries to maintain accurate month end financial records.

Why do you like what you do? What motivates you to come to work each week?

I enjoy the reconciling aspect of financials, and comparing them to previous months, watching trends and seeing where we can become more efficient. The supportive atmosphere of co-workers makes this a great place to come to work every day.

Describe your role in the event planning process. What is your personal involvement from inception to completion?

I help in maintaining the receiving and posting of event deposits and record them in the accounting software. I help reconcile the event services ordered and create reports for month end tracking.

Why is OPCC the BEST hospitality partner for planners and promoters looking to hold an event in both the Kansas City area, and the greater Midwest?

Our unconventional approach is primarily focused on excellent service and friendliness. Our unique work atmosphere, where we really do work as a team, is unparallelled when you see the general manager and all administrative staff all helping turn a room for an event when time is short. I have never worked in such a environment that is as supportive as this one.

What’s your favorite thing about working at the OPCC?

Our unique work atmosphere, where we really do work as a team.

What do you like to do outside of work?

My young high school daughter keeps us active with numerous soccer events and occasional tournaments. I’m also venturing into self teaching myself how to quilt and have prepared a few large pieces in my first year of ever sewing in my life.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I used to be a competitive ice-skater and had landed all of my doubles and one or two triple jump variations in my younger years. My husband and I are fairly newly married, and have spent the last 8 months renovating our home that we purchased together a few of years ago.

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Kimberly Hund
Senior Accountant
Years of Experience
25 Years
Favorite OPCC Drink
Favorite OPCC Food
Chicken Spiedini