When did you start at the Overland Park Convention Center (OPCC)?

October 2016

Describe your role at OPCC.

My role encompasses multifaceted responsibilities focused on menu development and overseeing food production.

Why do you like what you do? What motivates you to come to work each week?

I like to cook and enjoy doing so. I am motivated by the people I work with and the challenge of creating know food.

Describe your role in the event planning process. What is your personal involvement from inception to completion?

I like creating new flavors and food offerings, and being able to conceptualize unique culinary experiences and then transforming those ideas into tangible realities for our guests.

Why is OPCC the BEST hospitality partner for planners and promoters looking to hold an event in both the Kansas City area, and the greater Midwest?

We strive to make every event special for our clients. This entails curating innovative menus in line with diverse culinary preferences while ensuring top-notch quality and presentation. Additionally, I’m actively involved in orchestrating the execution of these menus, maintaining high standards throughout the food production process to deliver exceptional dining experiences.

What’s your favorite thing about working at the OPCC?

The people I work with.

How does the team at OPCC create an event experience that’s unique for both exhibitors and attendees alike?

We listen to both the needs and the wants to achieve the best experience for our clients.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like to hunt and fish.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I’m silly with with a sense of humor but I am also very informative.

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Glen Smith
Executive Sous Chef
Years of Experience
24 Years
Favorite OPCC Drink
Favorite OPCC Food
Braised Short Rib