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Socially Distanced Sets

Let us help you plan your next banquet or gala with confidence. All plans are completely customizable & scalable to support social distancing & your event needs.

As a GBAC STAR accredited facility, our goals are the same as yours–keeping your attendees safe while helping to achieve your desired event outcome with options including socially distanced tables of three, four or six attendees.

Ballroom Banquet 3 Set

Ballroom Banquet 4 Set

  Ex Hall Banquet 4 Set

Ballroom Banquet 6 Set




Plated Lunch or Dinner

Preset salad, dressing ramekin, dinner roll, & butter ramekin are plated together & covered with a lid–water goblets with clear covers & roll up silverware are also preset. Then enjoy a traditionally served meal.


COVID-Friendly Menu Options




  • Hors d’oeuvres: Individually packaged to be handpassed or picked up


  • salad: Individually PACKAGED with dressing & DINNER roll


  • entréeS: Individually PACKAGED hot or cold entrées


  • DESSERT: Individually PACKAGED



Buffet Lunch or Dinner

Directional buffet lines with server attendants behind Plexiglass to provide additional protection to attendees. Plates & roll up silverware are placed for individual pick up. Frequent sanitation of high touch areas like beverage stations are performed throughout service.



The Overland Park Convention Center achieved the Global Biorisk Advisory Council® (GBAC) STAR™ Facility accreditation, the industry’s only outbreak prevention, response & recovery accreditation for facilities.

Under the guidance of GBAC’s scientific advisory board, the most stringent protocols for cleaning, disinfection & infectious disease prevention are implemented within the facility. Following a risk assessment, the program establishes mitigation strategies through the use of scientifically approved protocols, equipment, chemicals and training, which are continually measured, audited & improved, to ensure a facility’s readiness for biorisk situations. The program verifies that Overland Park Convention Center implements best practices to prepare for, respond to & recover from outbreaks & pandemics.

More About GBAC

See what safe event planning means with the GBAC STAR accreditation & the Overland Park Convention Center.


The convention center really helped us to develop a plan to keep everybody safe. From the very beginning they were very good at listening to us and listening to our concerns so that us as a staff could feel safe and comfortable first as we made steps to plan our event. When we were working with the staff and they came up with different ideas on how to host the event, it actually made me and my planning team very excited. The people that felt comfortable enough to come in came and those that wanted to watch from home and felt more comfortable doing that participated from home but everybody was very, very grateful that we were able to host the event. And I have to say, a lot the ability to have it was because of the help of the staff at the convention center.

Ruth Tisdale, Advice & Aid Annual Banquet


  • Face coverings appreciated
  • Physical barriers added where appropriate to combat cross contamination
  • Signage located throughout venue promoting physical distancing, handwashing, face coverings, hand sanitizer locations & what to do if not feeling well
  • Reduction in venue capacity enables appropriate physical distancing of six feet
  • Increased cleaning efforts for rooms & equipment
  • Portable hand sanitizer stations available throughout venue at strategic areas of transition
  • GBAC accredited cleaning & sanitation protocols requiring the highest standards of disinfecting for common touchpoints
  • Communication of new health & safety protocols to guests & staff at appropriate touchpoints, both pre-arrival and on-site
  • Limiting & spreading out pre-function furniture
  • Restrooms sanitized after high-guest use, with focus on using scientifically approved chemicals & procedures to kill infectious diseases
  • Reduction of guest & staff member contact points, including virtual client meetings
  • Queuing lines in front of kiosks & food portables to ensure social distancing
  • Using stanchions to create boundaries, separation from guests standing in line from guests walking the pre-function space

H Hybrid Banquets

Full-Service Hybrid Banquets

Offering fully interactive & engaging virtual experiences to supplement your physical event, we are the all-encompassing hybrid event venue. Live-stream your banquet to increase fundraising efforts by reaching on-site & virtual audiences. Engage more members & increase your bottom-line with hybrid banquets.


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